An Energized Space

SpyGlass, Westlake, OH

SpyGlass, a telecommunications company, approached Gray Haus Studios to help curate an art collection for their office that represents their mission of encouraging risk-taking and confidence, while improving their employee attraction and retention. To reflect this, I assembled a variety of pieces that dealt with unique depictions of Cleveland.

Throughout the office, you’ll find bold colors and strong lines, from Paul Duda’s midtown skyline to Brock Winans’s bridge image. Bob Peck painted graffiti-style murals in the lunchroom and sales pit, something only appropriate for a company like SpyGlass. I helped create signage for their Huddle Rooms, each room identified by a local brewery and further emphasizing SpyGlass’s tie to the local youth culture.

The result: An energized office space that has an art collection that relates directly to its employees. The bold pieces of art foster a sense of groundedness and edginess that reflects the attitudes of the organization as a whole.

Artist: Rich Cihlar

Artist: Keith Berr

Artist: Brock Winans

Instagram wall from employee submissions

Each huddle room is named for a local brewery

Artist: Bob Peck

Artist: Bob Peck

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