Supporting the Community

Cuyahoga County Administrative Building, Cleveland, OH

In collaboration with Eileen Roth of Art Source

Gray Haus Studios and Art Source worked together on this challenging yet rewarding project for the Cuyahoga County Administrative Building. Because of its strong tie to the local community, displaying pieces created by and reflective of the region was a crucial aspect of assembling the collection. Of the 325 pieces sourced for the building, 85% were sourced from Cuyahoga County artists (the program mandated 50%). The remaining 15% were from the Northeast Ohio area. The collection represents a wide range of materials from artists of varying experience, all contributing to a high quality, cohesive portrayal of Cuyahoga County.  

Artist: Sam Roth

Artist: Bradley Hart (left) and Bob Peck (right)

Balancing creativity with skillful communication was key to the project’s success. Eileen Roth and I were able to leverage our joint networks of local artists to source the collection. This project exhibits the wide range of skills Gray Haus Studios exercises on a given project: understanding a new space under heavy construction; working with the construction crews to determine installation dates, dock access, and staging of deliveries; staying highly organized while using blueprints to plan for placement of 325 pieces of art; working collaboratively in a high-stress environment on a tight timeline (5 months).

The result: The Cuyahoga County Administrative Building proudly showcases its local community on their office walls, staying connected to the people they support.

Artist: Brinsley Tyrell

Artist: Annette Poitau

Artist: Jessica Wascak (left) and George Kozmon (right)

Artist: Mark Pamer (left) and Paul Duda (right)

Artist: David Jansheski

Artist: GM Donley

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