New Space, New Art

Baker Hostetler, Cleveland, OH

In collaboration with Eileen Roth of Art Source

When Baker Hostetler approached Gray Haus Studios and Art Source, they needed their artwork to reflect both a new, more modern office space and their company’s mission. As a law firm that values innovation and a strong global presence, Baker Hostetler wanted an art collection that stepped outside the standard for corporate art and sparked conversation and creativity.

Artist: John Buck

Artist: Helmut Amann

Working collaboratively, we inventoried their existing collection to identify what would be relocated to the new offices. Art from this existing collection would be reframed and refreshed to better fit the new space. We managed an employee art sale for the remaining pieces that would not be brought to the new building.

The newly selected art was sourced from regional, national, and international artists and represented a diverse range of subjects and mediums. The juxtaposition of such a variety of pieces helps to stimulate and personalize each area within the new offices. In addition to commissioning artwork, we also conducted the framing and installation processes to ensure proper handling of each piece.

The result: Baker Hostetler acquired a much needed visual update to their offices, both in architecture and art. Now ample light, modern angles, and stimulating artwork accurately represent the company’s individuality.

Artist: Nicola Lopez

Artist: Rose Haserodt

Artist: Amze Emmons

Artist: Santiago Moix

Artist: Deb Lawrence

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